Leaky Basement?

Mississauga & Surrounding Areas


Drainage Installation in the GTA, ON

Hiring a locally owned and operated Mississauga, ON, drainage installation contractor could protect your investment from the elements. GM's Basement Waterproofing takes pride in quality workmanship, and we may have the solution for wet basements and damp living areas.

Customized Solutions

Our staff is focused on solving problems, and we'll thoroughly review your property's current condition. We'll see where water has a tendency to pool and create a plan that aims to reduce its effects on your home. We have the professional equipment to install drainage systems that channel water away from your exterior walls. This could prevent water from entering your home and causing damage to the wood and brick that provide structural support for your residence.

GM's Basement Waterproofing answers all of your questions with a quick response, and we work to be available when you need us. We work late hours during the week, and we can even meet with you over the weekend. If you'd like to learn more about Mississauga, ON, drainage installation services, call us today.